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STAR WARS: THE MANDALORIAN JEDI Chapter 11 Part 1 :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 1 16
Mature content
The Z War Episode 6: Prelude to a New War Part 1 :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 1 1,137
Mature content
The Z War Episode 5: The Amazons :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 1 24
Star Wars: The Mandalorian Jedi Chapter 10
Author’s note: I am sorry I haven’t been updating my stories in a while. I have been applying at numerous places for a job at for the summer, and so far, I got fucking squat. This chapter will be short so I apologize for that as well. I promise to make it up to you all. I do not own star wars. I only own my oc characters and this story.
With the crisis on Naboo averted, our heroes return to the temple to give their report to the Jedi council. However, Ahsoka was still in the infirmary finishing treatment for the illness while Nick waits for her outside. Eventually she comes out, completely recovered.
Nick: Good to see you back at full health.
Ahsoka: Thanks. You weren’t waiting for me for too long I hope.
Nick: Not at all. I went to see the chis baby I rescued an hour ago  before I came here. That one has a strong connection to the force.
Ahsoka: I bet so. So what do you want to do?
Nick: [shrugs] How about we go do some more training together?
Ahsoka: Sure. We c
:icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 2 0
Mature content
STAR WARS: The Mandalorian Jedi Chapter 9 :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 3 29
The Z War Episode 4: A New Survivor and
Author’s note: I own most of this story, everything else belongs to ImfamousE and my buddy Alphadog223.
After escaping Dallas, the continue on down the road until they were a good distance away from Dallas.
Nicholas: [pulls over] This seems like a good spot to camp for the night.
Megan: Yeah, I don’t see any of the undead nearby. [yawns]
Nicholas: Tired huh?
Megan: [nods] A little bit.
Nicholas: Get some sleep, kid. I’m going to have a talk with the others.
Megan: [nods] Ok.
She soon falls asleep, allowing Nick to got talk to the others. Of course as he walks up to them, Tsunami runs up and tackles him in a bear hug, again.
Nicholas: You must love tackling me with hugs.
Tsunami: [blushes] Sorry, I couldn’t help it. Plus you did say I could continue to hug you once we were somewhere safe.
Nicholas: True. [gets up with her still clinging to him] How are we doing on fuel and supplies?
Jessica: Our fuel tank is at seventy five percent full, and we got enough food an
:icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 2 97
Mature content
The Z War Episode 3: Strangers part 2 :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 2 34
Mature content
The Z War Episode 2: Strangers part 1 :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 2 9
Mature content
The Z War Episode 1: Beginning :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 3 21
Mature content
ETHERLAND: Chapter 5 :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 1 0
The four mini monster bandits.
Author’s Note: I own most of the story. Special thanks to Imfamous for letting me borrow his oc’s for this story.
The group enters the first city they come across, which is called Luxemburg, in the Neutral territory in order to purchase a few extra horses so they all could ride back home fast enough. While Luna goes to purchase them and April, Tsunami, and Jessica keep Paula and Sophia from fighting each other again, Nicholas goes off exploring the market, purchasing supplies for the return trip.
Nicholas: There. That should be enough.
As he returns to his companions, one of the stall vendors, a Lizard man, calls him over.
Vendor: Excuse me, sir, are you an Archangel?
Nicholas: An S-class one to be precise, why do you ask?
Vendor: Splendid. We have been dealing with a couple of monster bandits for a few months now, about four young ones.
Nicholas: Shouldn’t be a problem disciplining four monster children, right?
Vendor: Unfortunately whe
:icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 1 5
Mature content
ETHERLAND: Chapter 3 :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 2 27
Mature content
The Rising Dead: Season 2 Episode 6 :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 1 1
Mature content
STAR WARS: The Mandalorian Jedi Chapter 8 :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 2 0
A Story of the Past and returning home
Author’s note: Everything in this story belongs to me. All of it. (I always wanted to say that). If you guys have suggestions as how this story should go leave a comment down below and if you have an oc that you wish to be a part of this story let me know either in the comments or in notes. Also I am sorry that I haven’t posted a new chapter of anything in awhile, College is a bitch, also I started going to physical therapy for my shoulders. Don’t ask. I promise the next chapter will be longer.
The Human and the Dark elf continue on towards Genesis, avoiding towns, cities, or villages in order to avoid people who would try to kidnap Luna, again. Along the way, Nicholas asks her a question. That has been bugging him.
Nicholas: Out of curiosity’s sake, Luna, what happened to the Dark elves after king Xanus was killed during the 3rd war for Etherland?
Luna: I’m surprised that a non-dark elf would ask that. Well after The
:icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 2 43
Mature content
ETHERLAND Chapter 1 :icondoomsdayultra:doomsdayultra 2 0



I need more people to vote on what I should pair with ghost recon wildlands in order to do the crossover. Otherwise I won't be able to do it. The best way to do that ids to spread the word. Just send them the link down below and tell them about the voting poll and the rules for voting, no more than 3 choices and can only vote once and the one that gets 10 votes first, will be declared the winner. Thank you all for helping me with this. Your patience will be rewarded.

Voting and a special treat
Well, since no one has submitted an oc for the final slot for my ghost recon wildlands crossover, I guess I got to create the final oc for it. So that's two from me, One from Alphadog223, and one from FoxsDumbSeriesMaker. I will post a journal in regards to what the four oc's will look like. [however for Fox, his sinthia oc will look like a human, unless the votes declare tuff puppy the winner then I will just use her true form] Speaking of votes, here is the current voting list for options for this crossover.

Overwatch: 7 votes

Star Wars: 7 votes

Tuff Puppy: 4 votes

MLP: 4 votes

Justice League: 3 votes

RWBY: 3 votes

Panty and Stocking: 3 votes

Fairy Tail: 2 votes

Naruto: 2 votes

Young Justice: 2 votes

One Piece: 2 votes

Walking Dead: 1 vote

Remember, an option must get 10 votes first in order to win.

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This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Author’s note: I don’t own star wars. I only own this story and the oc’s in this. I am trying to get these stories out as fast as I can, but as we all know, life's a bitch. Anyways, let’s get this over with. For those who are waiting for a chapter where females get fattened up, this is it.

A SOS received, after receiving a distress call from a passenger ship attacked by a group of slavers, padawan Nick and jedi master Aayla Secura fly towards the source of the distress signal, unaware of the crazy adventure the two were about to embark on.

Nick: There it is, master. The passenger ship that was giving off the distress beacon. It’s a huge wreck

Aayla: I see it as well, padawan. It seems the slavers have left before we got here. Land in the hangar, there could be survivors they missed or some info on where the attackers went.

The two land their starship in the wrecked ship’s hangar. Aayla puts on her space suit while nick puts on his mandalorian helmet. His armor designed for all types of environment, even for space. The two soon exit their ship.

Nick: This thing must have lost power to all of its systems. Better make this quick.

Aayla: Agreed.

The two explore the ship, discovering the bodies of those that fought to protect the ship. Both the crew and a few passengers fought against the enemy.

Nick: Some of the passengers fought alongside the crewmen to protect this ship. All of them men. They died with honor.

Aayla: We should keep going.

Nick then spots the body of one of the slavers.

Nick: Looks like they got some kills. [Checks the slaver’s corpse] Male, human, looks to be about twenty six years old. Blaster shot to his heart.

Aayla: [nods] Come, there should be something on the bridge that can help us out.

A few minutes later….

Nick: Well here’s the bridge, however it seems the place is trashed. Holo records still seem to be intact, they require a passcode to view though.

Aayla: Can you hack them?

Nick: Emma was better at hacking than I am, but I should be able to hack into the system pretty easily.

Nick manages to hack into the records. Soon the holo viewer activates, playing the moment where the ship was attacked.

Navigator: [worried] CAPTAIN! Three pirate interceptor class frigates are firing at us, our shield strength is down to seventy-five percent!

Captain: Evasive maneuvers and activate our counter defense weapons. AND SEND OUT AN SOS DISTRESS CALL!

The ship shakes for a second.

Bridge crewman #1: That last hit bypassed the shields and damaged the communications array!

Captain: Shit, can this get any worse?

Bridge crewman #2: Shields are down! Engines are going critical, diverting majority of power from engines to weapons and the shield generator.

Captain: Should have kept my mouth shut.

Bridge crewman #3: The enemy has launched boarding parties towards us!

Captain: Alert the crew and have them head to the personal armory. We are not going down without a fight.

The ship shakes again, the recording shuts off.

Nick: That was the last recording before it shut down. I searched the corpse of the pirate, while I couldn’t find the identity of the guy, I managed to find a tattoo on his left arm. It was a red human skull with two swords crisscrossing behind it. I have seen the emblem before. It is the emblem of the red giants.

Aayla: Red giants, never heard of them.

Nick: Most people don’t. Only the hutt cartel, black sun, and a few other major criminal organizations know about them. They are a group of pirates that deal with human and alien trafficking along with raiding weak and unsuspecting passenger ships as well as merchant ships. They are very big and muscular….the same with the female members, but not as muscular.

Aayla:  [curious] What do mean by that?

Nick: Female members are more…..fat and obese. When this group captures people to be used as slaves, they take all the female prisoners and inject some kind of chemical into them, putting them into some kind of never ending hunger-like state.

Aayla: They fatten up the women, don’t they?

Nick: [nods] they view that fat women are more desirable than thin women, therefore fat women are worth a lot more money at a slave auction than  skinny women… least in some places. Whether for sexual pleasures or for….[holds back the rage] cannibalistic reasons. As for the male slaves, they are forced to work to death.

Aayla: Do you know where their base is?

Nick: [nods] it’s a city located on an asteroid in the outer rim. It also serves as a key black market location.

Aayla: Then that is where we will head to.

Nick: It’s a good thing we took an unmarked ship, otherwise they’ll find out we’re jedi and will surely shoot us down before even letting us land.

Aayla: Then let us depart.

The two return to their ship and set out. Soon the two arrive at the asteroid. They manage to get clearance and land at one of the landing pad hangars.

Nick: Best if you disguise yourself in something less…..jedi. some of them have dealt with jedi in the past before.

Aayla: [smirks] I got something in mind, my handsome padawan.

She changes into a metal bikini.

Nick: [blushes] Ok, you look good in that.

Aayla: [smirks] Aren’t you sweet. [Kisses his cheek and puts on a cloak] Maybe after this I will give you another lesson on sex

Nick: [blushes deeper] O….Of course, master.

The two left the ship and head off. They witness many fat women of many species being sold off as slaves, from just chubby and pudgy girls to immobile sumos.

Aayla: They must have huge amounts of food to fatten up their slaves to this point.

Nick: Indeed, the males are usually forced to work at one of the many farm domes that the red giants own on this asteroid. So how are we going to do this?

Aayla: first we’ll hack into a terminal that has the data we need, then we will split up, I will rescue the passengers while you take down their leader quietly and disable their security systems.

Nick: We might need a bigger transport than the one we got. I suggest we commandeer one of those huge slave transports, they're big enough to carry a group of fifty immobile sumo girls.

Aayla: [nods] Good point.

They search for a terminal that was somewhere more secluded from the majority of scum that roam free. Eventually they come across one in an alleyway next to a strip club. Nick gets to work hacking it.

Nick: Ok, good news is that the passengers are kept in a warehouse not too far from here, bad news is that they are all female and this warehouse is one of their fattening areas and its heavily guarded. You’ll have to be careful with who you breakfree.

Aayla: Of course, and where is their leader?

Nick: He is in his headquarters right now. Its heavily guarded so maintaining stealth is key.

Aayla: Got it. May the force be with you, padawan.

She kisses nick before going off on her own, nick heads in the opposite direction. Not noticing a young green skinned big belly twi-leek stripper following him. Meanwhile Aayla manages to reach the warehouse where the female passengers were being fattened up at. She quietly enters from an escape hatch from the roof and lands behinds a big stack of crates, she peeks to see many women being forced fed by a machine shoving numerous fattening foods into their mouths. Guards stand watch making sure that none of the women try to escape. Aayla then spots a piece of wire that goes from the machine into a room that has no guards. She quietly steps into the room to find the generator that powers the machine. She steps towards it and sees the switch that turns the device on and off. She flips it to the off position and was about to leave when she gets whacked by a very obese guard, she licks her lips as she watches the jedi about to pass out.

Guard: Looks like this obese girl is about to get a bonus.

Meanwhile Nick was heading towards the target building when he senses someone following him.

Nick: (great, now I got someone following me, better deal with this first, and quietly).

Nick heads into a nearby alleyway and waits for her. Once she enters the alleyway, Nick silently pins her to the wall.

Nick: Who are you, and why are you following me!?

Twi-leek: [scared] Please don’t hurt me, great reaper, I just wanted to talk to you.

The fact that she knows his code name, makes Nick curious, he turns her to face him.

Nick: Ok, you got my attention. Now talk.

Oola: My name is Oola, I’m one of madame Opal’s personal sex slaves. She is the leader of the red giants.

Nick: She’s a lesbian?

Oola: Bi-sexual to be accurate. I want you to help me and the rest of the slaves to escape. We’ll help you and your jedi friend take down Madame Opal and her forces if we must.

Nick: How do I know that you aren’t going to backstab me? Aren’t all female slaves have that chemical injected into them that makes them constantly hungry to where they will follow the pirates’ orders?

Oola: What you don’t know is that those women who become her personal slaves are given the cure for the chemical, but they must continue to feast like the other female slaves. Meaning we can turn on her without that addiction controlling us too much.

Nick: Fair enough, just a fair warning though, you backstab me, and I will cut you down.

Oola: Deal. This way.

She takes him to the target building.

Oola: I’ll distract the guards to the front entrance. You sneak in and head to Opal’s office. She should be there, you can’t miss it.

Nick: Thank you.

Oola: You can thank me by keeping your end of the bargain. Good luck.

She heads off and distracts the guards long enough for Nick to silently enter.

Nick: (Not many guards here, weird, could be a trap. I hope Master secura is ok).

To be continued…..
here it is, sorry for making you all wait for so long. college is stressful. constructive criticism is welcomed and let me know what you all think in the comments below
Ok. For the contest, I have two OC's ready to go. All I need is one more OC for this story so there is only one spot left. The two so far were submitted by  FoxsDumbSeriesMaker and Alphadog223. Links for them will be down below. As for the voting poll, here are the results so far from most voted to least voted.

Overwatch-7 votes

Star wars-5 votes

TUFF puppy-3 votes

Fairy Tail-2 votes

Naruto series-2 votes

One piece-2 votes

MLP-2 votes

Justice league-2 votes

Panty and Stocking-2 votes

RWBY-2 votes

Young Justice-1 vote

Walking dead-1 vote

Reminder, once one of these twelve gets to 10 votes first, it will be declared the winner. I will put a update in the gallery once a winner is chosen.

I need more people to vote on what I should pair with ghost recon wildlands in order to do the crossover. Otherwise I won't be able to do it. The best way to do that ids to spread the word. Just send them the link down below and tell them about the voting poll and the rules for voting, no more than 3 choices and can only vote once and the one that gets 10 votes first, will be declared the winner. Thank you all for helping me with this. Your patience will be rewarded.

Voting and a special treat


Nicholas Eaton
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